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Sep. 4th, 2008

but I'm ok, Not perfect


ColorQuiz.com S@M took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Seeks the determination and elasticity of will nec..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.


Aug. 21st, 2008


Almost done!

Two down, one more to go!
I just finished one more subject. Only one more and I'm done. And it's for this saturday! OMG *PANIC* sooo close! I can taste the freedom!
This saturday is my last class of the term and then one weekend off! Going to Mexico City BECAUSE I CAN AND I NEED MY BB.
Almost done! Wee

Aug. 14th, 2008

but I'm ok, Not perfect

(no subject)

I read Twilight.
Such a fanfic. Some parts I liked, some parts I didn't.
How much pages can you dedicate to someone else's beauty? Find out reading Twilight!
I'm off
*sparkle sparkle dazzle dazzle*


I am obssesed, not with the fandom but with the parodies. So good:

Spoof of the trailer for the movie:

This girls are awesome:


shinga    wrote this amazing parody: http://shinga.livejournal.com/478415.html

wow, the embeded tags sucks >_>

Jul. 31st, 2008

but I'm ok, Not perfect

(no subject)

I hate Java.

Jul. 30th, 2008

but I'm ok, Not perfect



May. 17th, 2008

So bored

(no subject)

So, first day of the new term.
Same teachers, same people. I did hope one or two disappeared but, meh, sometimes you can't have it all.

We have a project that must be completed before the end of the term. The tricky part is, we need to work as a group. I do not see a good result about this.

Don't get me wrong, I know that people are capable of doing his/her part of the job, but I still keep on thinking that, at the end, we'll be 5, maybe 6 people programming and the rest will be... there. I hate depending on others (heck, I was alone on the first term and did all my projects alone and never depended on anyone) and I hate bossing around people. If I can put some time apart specifically for my work, shouldn't everyone else do it too? But as I've watched my classmates, I don't think this will be happening anytime soon.

I do hope I am being a pessimistic (hurray!) and I'll be proved wrong, but 60% don't know how to code.

It's gonna be one of those semesters.


David is thinking of moving back to here.
I say 'thinking' and not 'trying'. Sometimes he infuriates me xD.
I do want him here, there's so much we haven't done as a couple and I miss him dearly, but I don't want to be a decisive factor of his decision. But he already said I was. I don't want to be a part of a problem, I know he hates here 'cos of the heat, but at the same time, he says he wants to come back, for me, and he'll endure everything he needs to endure.

We already discussed everything (moving back with his mom, maybe earning a lot less, the heat) but he says it's cool and it's not the first time he's done it. I do hope this is for the better and not for the worst.

Oh well, only time will tell.

Too hot.
And it's not summer!
Going to an anime convention, I'll bring pictures later =D

Ps. Hurray, spell check!
Ps2. Spell check, you fool!
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May. 11th, 2008



All my bookmarks are gone! GONE!

Going to cry in a corner now. buh-bye

Nov. 23rd, 2007

but I'm ok, Not perfect

(no subject)

Si de por si no posteaba, ahora menos.

Acaba de pasar mi cumpleaños y me regalaron: Guitar Hero II (un amigo me va a pasar Guitar Hero III y Guitar Hero 80's) mas aparte, a mi hermano le compraron el Wii (con Zelda y Need for Speed Carbon).  Mi hermoso novio me regalo la i-touch y yo simplemente no veo como jugar con todo al mismo tiempo Y subir mi shadow priest a 70. 

Siento que mi cumpleaños ha sido mas 'material' que de amor xD. Puede ser eso posible? Nunca me habian tocado regalos tan fancy (he, soy la hija de en medio, generalmente no me tomaban tanto en cuenta).  Ahora solo tengo que cuidar las cosas (o mas bien, cuidarlas de mis sobrinas).

Aug. 25th, 2007

but I'm ok, Not perfect

Some day, some how.. I just want to be there

I feel so small and unique.




Jun. 7th, 2007

but I'm ok, Not perfect


*RL stuff*
So freaking hot!
No AC in the office.

Love the new album of Maroon 5.
Love the albums of Fall out boys.
Love Miguel Bose.
I have so much love to giiiive.

So, bf is coming x3. Arrives at 5 am and can't see him 'till 8 pm, more or less. He doesn't live in my little ranch, he's 5 hours away from me.

And I cheated on him. In a dream. But, It was Johnny Depp! No jury can convict me!! .. But really, he broke me (my bf, that is) I was all freaked out in the dream

sam_malfoy : OMG, Johnny kissed me. He kissed me. Ohh what's Zhadum gonna say. OMG He's going to leave me! He'll be so ashamed! But.. Johnny kissed me. But Zhadum!! I love yooouu. Nice kiss though.. Nooo I'm faithful what am I saying??
forfirithuchiha ('cos she was there in the dream too): He can't blame you, hello? Johnny Depp? Heck if I where your bf I would be proud and, you know, sell you to him.
sam_malfoy : *shocked 'cos is not so far away from the truth, in a way*

*fandom stuff*
A friend told me that, in october, the second season of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu is gonna start! OMG I *loved* the anime (and currently searching for the manga) and Kyon is the *best*.

Starting Kyo Kara Maou (is that a *squeeeeee* that I heard from Belly-chan? Why, I think it is), a friend of mine is lend it me all the episodes this weekend.

Yakitate!! Japan still rules my socks.

Still way behind XXXHolic, TRC, Naruto and Bleach. I lose at fandom.

*wow stuff*
Currently lvl 59.. close to 60. Powerleveling FTW! Outlands is a cruel place for ol' little druid me. Can't ride without being attacked and killed without mercy. Rewards are too cool, though. Still think it's really not fair that *green* items on rewards are way better than my blue ones on Azeroth. Sometimes, blizzard is on crack.
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